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Tips For Driving A Moving Truck In The Winter

Driving a rental moving truck is simple. The moving truck company will do everything it can to make your driving experience as safe and as easy as possible, but there are things that are beyond everyone’s control. No one can predict or control what Mother Nature is going to have in store for the driving conditions that you will be facing, and driving in Winter will present you with some very interesting challenges. If you are from the South, and driving to the North for the very first time, then you should pay very close attention to these Winter truck driving tips.

Before you start packing make sure you leave plenty of warm clothes for you and everyone in your family. You just might need them on the drive.

Keep plenty of food and water with you in the cab. You never know when you might get stuck in traffic. Having plenty of food and water for you and your entire family is very important.

Always pay very close attention to the Weather. Snow storms can come out of nowhere, and they can cripple your moving truck. Plan your driving time around any predicted Winter Storms.

Make sure that your moving truck is packed with emergency moving supplies like flares, first aid kits, and flashlights.

Inspect your moving truck!

On the day of the big move you will need to make sure that everything on the moving truck is in working order. Start with all the lights. Make sure that they are working properly. Check the interior and the exterior lights. Give the windshield wipers test as well. Don’t forget to make sure that the heater is working too. It may get cold on the road, and a good heater will keep the cab of the truck nice and toasty.

Get rid of any snow or ice on the outside of the truck. Make sure that there is no snow or ice on the windows, the headlights, the mirrors, and the windshield wipers.

Fresh snow and ice can quickly reduce your visibility while you are on the road. They will both stick to your headlights and reduce their power. You should check them frequently. You will also find that they quickly get covered in dirt and grime from the road as well.

Bridges and overpasses can be dangerous in the Winter months. In many cases bridges and overpasses will freeze over before the road will. A large moving truck that is moving at a high rate of speed over a frozen bridge or overpass is very dangerous.

It takes a lot longer to stop a large moving truck. It takes even longer to stop one in the snow or ice. Make sure that you are keeping a good distance between your moving truck and the vehicles in front of you.

Driving in the Winter can be tough, especially if you are new to driving in the snow, ice, or freezing temperatures. Use these tips to make sure that you and your belongings arrive at your new destination in one piece.