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Renting a moving truck is a big commitment. You're committing your time and money, and hedging the success of your move...
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How to Choose the Right Moving Truck Rental for You

Renting a moving truck is a big commitment. You’re committing your time and money, and hedging the success of your move on renting the right truck from the right company. By following the advice below, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your homework and made an informed decision.


Plan Ahead

To get what you need at the best price, you need to plan. Start by choosing the date you need to move, and determining your moving budget. The more information you can provide the truck rental company, the more accurate your price quote will be. Additional information that may be helpful includes:

  • How much you are moving (to determine how big of a truck you need)?
  • How far you are moving?
  • How long you will need the truck?
  • Will you need extra services (i.e., workers to help you load the truck)?

Once you’ve determined these factors, start calling around to see what services you can get for what price. The more time you give yourself, the more likely you are to get what you want.

Collect Price Quotes

With the above information, you can start getting cost estimates from competing truck rental companies. We recommend using our free Truck Rental Quotes tool. There is no cost to you and you are under no obligation to choose any of the companies recommended. But it can provide you with a valuable starting list of pre-qualified companies that provide the services you’re looking for. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations if they have recently been through a similar move.

With a manageable list to work from, you can gather more information about what services and features you get for your money. Some options that may make or break a deal include:

  • Are moving supplies (boxes, tape, etc.) included with the truck rental?
  • Will you provide access to two-wheelers, ramps and other equipment that will help us load the truck?
  • Will I pay for gas and/or mileage on top of the rental fee?
  • Is insurance provided as part of the cost, or available for purchase?
  • How old are your trucks, and is road service available if the truck breaks down while I’m using it?

Check References

If you’ve done a side-by-side comparison of different company options, and have your choices narrowed down to two or three companies, it’s time to check references. A simple online search will reveal any legal complaints against the company, as well as customer feedback. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce if you are hiring a local company.

Make a Decision

If all things look equal regarding services and professional reputation, hire the company that offers you the best price.

Renting a moving truck can seem overwhelming, especially since it’s not something we do every day. But if you approach it with careful planning and follow the methodology outlined above, you can pull off a hassle-free move by renting the right truck for your moving needs.