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Cheap Truck Rental

Moving can be expensive. One way to save money is to rent a self-service moving truck as opposed to hiring a full service moving...
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Choosing Mover

Renting a moving truck is a big commitment. You're committing your time and money, and hedging the success of your move...
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One Way Truck Rentals

Life offers us many opportunities. We move through our lives, and often are lives force us to move–literally. We get accepted to...
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Moving Services

When planning a move, you have a choice between hiring a full service moving company and renting a self-service moving truck...
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Self-Service Moving vs Full Service Moving


When planning a move, you have a choice between hiring a full service moving company and renting a self-service moving truck. And there are actually various options in between to best serve the needs of all consumers. To make sure you make the right choice for you, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each.


Full Service Moving Companies


  • Sit back and relax. You’ve hired movers to do the work for you, and that’s a big plus. Your time is now free to concentrate on other aspects of the move.
  • Because you’ve hired professionals who have years of experience handling all the aspects of your move, you will benefit from their expertise. They will be able to provide advice on moving timelines, packing tips (if you handle your own packing) and can help deliver boxes and other materials from the company.


  • Hiring a full-service mover is expensive. This may still be the right option for you, but be prepared to pay. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around and find a mover who offers you the best deal. Full service movers may be able to reduce costs if you agree to do the packing yourself. They will still be handling the loading, driving, and unloading.
  • Be prepared to adjust your schedule to the mover’s timeline. Most moving companies will pick up and deliver your furnishings on their schedule. If they’re late arriving, it’s your problem, not theirs. It might be wisest to keep essential everyday items in a separate vehicle with you.  And make sure your contract stipulates that you do not pay for extra days if the truck is late due to their scheduling.
  • Hired workers will not care about your furnishings as much as you do, so although you should expect professional handling, keep in mind that movers are not going to worry about dents and scratches as much as you will. You might get compensated by the moving company if your possessions are damaged, but that won’t make you feel better if your antique table is ruined.

Self Service Truck Rentals


  • Moving yourself can significantly keep the costs down on your move! If you need to move on a budget, this is a great option to consider.
  • There is a great deal of flexibility with your self-service packages. You can negotiate a deal to fit your specific needs. Doing everything yourself will save you the most money, but you can also find truck rental companies that can provide laborers or professional drivers if you would like to hire them.
  • If you do it yourself, you can pack, load and move on your own timeline, although keep in mind that truck rentals might be by the day, so the longer you keep the truck, the more you’ll pay.
  • You will be able to ensure that your valuables are handled with care when handling them on your own.


  • There’s no way around it—moving is labor intensive. If you go the self-service route, you will be responsible for all of the work. If the work becomes too much, and your budget allows, you may be able to hire professionals to load and/or drive your truck.
  • Planning and executing your move will be time consuming, and for a period of time it will be a drain on your energy and resources. You can help yourself by carefully planning the different aspects of your move, and executing each item on your list in a timely manner. Getting behind on tasks will add to your stress level.

Collect Bids and Compare Services

The choices you make will depend on how much time you have to devote to your move, what type of work you are capable of doing, and how much money you have to spend. Determine your budget, and then use our free Truck Rental Quotes Tool to start collecting cost estimates. Once you’ve created a short list, you can work with companies to negotiate services available and discuss options to reduce costs. Our tool is free and you are under no obligation to hire the companies that provide bids.