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Eviction Is A Big Business

Sometimes moving is not always a choice, but the only way out. The economy has forced many people out of their homes. People are being evicted left and right, and people are losing their homes every single day to foreclosure. For these people, there is only one choice. They have to get out, and in many cases they just abandon everything and try to start a fresh new life somewhere else. Tough times call for drastic measures.

Property owners are the ones who are suffering

You would think that the tenants would be the ones that were suffering. They just got evicted, and now they have no place to live, but in certain states the property owners are the ones that are suffering. Not only are they required by law to pack up all of the tenants belongings, but in some cases property owners must also pay for storage for the tenants belongings for up to 30 days. If the belongings are not claimed within that 30 day period, they get auctioned off to the highest bidder. Buying auctioned storage lockers is becoming a popular past time for many people, and a lucrative business for many others.

All of this mess can become a huge financial burden if a property owner has the unfortunate problem of having to evict their tenants. Not only do they incur these huge out of pocket expenses, but they can not recoup the costs until the property has been properly vacated and a new tenant moves in.

There are often other problems for the property owners too. In most cases the property has been damaged. The costs to repair the damages can quickly add up for the property owners. What was once a nice cash cow for property owners is now a huge bill that they are forced to pay.

In many cases lawyers must get involved. Not every property owner understands the twisted and confusing laws, so they are left with only one choice. They must hire an attorney that specializes in eviction, property, and real estate. Who do you think gets stuck with the bill? Once again, it is the property owners that are stuck paying the high cost of hiring an expensive attorney.

Is there a bright side to all of this mess?

There is one industry that still benefits from all of these problems. Moving companies are currently in high demand, and there are specialty companies that are being hired by property owners to pack up everything during an eviction. Nothing can be left behind. The law states that everything must be packed away for storage, even garbage!

Moving companies are charging extra for these services. They are logging more man hours and their profits are steadily climbing. It is a good time to own or be part of a moving company.

Evictions are a huge business, and some property owners are taking advantage of tenants unfortunate situations. The moving company is just the middle man that has to handle all of the baggage, but they welcome the extra business that it brings.