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Garage Sales Can Make Moving Easier

There is one easy sure fire way to lighten the moving load and make some extra cash that could possibly help fund the move. Go through everything that you own and decide what you have to keep, and what you can live without. The longer you live in one location, the more items you will accumulate. You may not need or even want to move half of your stuff. There is a fast fun solution. You can have a garage sale. Sell off everything that you don’t want to take with you. Just like the rest of the move, don’t stress over it. Make it a fun and challenging experience. You can use the money that you get from the garage sale to help fund the move, or even better, you could go shopping for new things once the move is complete. Just think of all the great new things that you can get with the money. Out with the old and in with the new. Here are some tips that will make your garage sale a huge success and line your pockets with some cold hard cash. Who doesn’t want that?

Weekends Are The Best Time For Garage Sales

Most people work during the week, so to get the biggest crowd at your garage sale, plan to have your sale on the weekend. It does not hurt to start it on Thursday morning though. These days everyone is looking for a deal, and you can bet that they will be at your house bright and early to pick up what ever deals they can find.

Advertise the sale of the century!

If you don’t advertise your garage sale, then nobody will show up. If no one shows up, you will not sell anything. There should be a local newspaper where you can advertise your sale. There are also a lot of free online classified ads that garage sale shoppers frequent. Post your ad, and make sure you list all of the really important things first. Make the ad as appealing as possible. Put on your sales person hat, and have fun with it. Make it the greatest sale of all time.

Prices will make or break the deal

It is time to get out your price gun, and start pricing all of the items that are going to be in the sale. Be realistic. People go to garage sales looking for great deals, not over priced used items. If you over price your things, you will still be stuck with them. Try not to get emotionally attached to the items that you are selling. Just because you paid $100.00 for an item doesn’t mean that you should sell it for $80.00 at a garage sale. The whole idea of the sale is to lighten the load. You can still make a good bit of money with lower priced items. It is all in the volume of sales.

The most important thing is to have fun with the sale. Pretend for a few days that you are the best sales person in the world. Tap into your inner sales abilities and have a good time with your garage sale. You might be pleasantly surprised at how successful it can be.