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The Hidden Costs of Renting A Moving Truck

At first it may seem like renting a moving truck is the cheapest way to get the move done, but renting a moving truck does have some hidden costs that most people forget to factor into their budget. The total amount of money that you pay to the moving truck company will not be the only charges that you will face. Don’t forget to add these costs into your budget too.

Add up the fuel

You will be required to pay for all of the fuel that you use while driving the moving truck, and some moving truck companies will require you to drop the moving truck off with a full tank of gas. There is an easy way to calculate this cost. Ask the moving truck company how many miles per gallon the moving truck gets. You don’t need an exact answer, just a rough estimate. You want the estimate to be on a fully loaded truck too.

Once you get the estimated average miles per gallon, you need to figure out how many miles you need to drive the moving truck. Divide the total amount of miles by the miles per gallon to find out how many gallons of fuel you are going to need. Now you can multiply that by the current cost of gas. Now you have another number to add to your moving budget.

Pay the toll or ride on the freeway?

Does your moving route require you to pay any tolls along the way. Toll roads can really shave off a lot of driving time, but it comes at a cost. Don’t forget to add all of the tolls up and add them to your budget.

Do you need insurance?

This really depends on the moving truck rental company. Some companies will require you to purchase an insurance policy from them, and others don’t. Your own insurance may cover you during the move. Call your insurance company and find out.

But wait there is more

Just when you thought that you had all of the costs tabulated and ready to factor into your budget, a few more costs appear. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of food on the road. Are you going to pack meals, or are you going to eat on the road? Eating takeout for the entire trip can add a sense of fun and adventure, but it can also make the cost much higher. Balance it out.

Don’t forget about room and board too. If your trip requires you to stay a night or two at a hotel room, then you have to add the cost of the hotel room into your totals.

Mileage too?

Will you have to pay a per mile driving charge, or will you be able to drive the moving truck for unlimited miles? Ask the rental company before you sign the deal. If you have to pay for mileage, add it up.

Uncle Sam is going to get his hands in there too. You will have to pay taxes on the truck. Now that you have all of the hidden costs of renting a moving truck, you will know how much it is going to cost.