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Cheap Truck Rental

Moving can be expensive. One way to save money is to rent a self-service moving truck as opposed to hiring a full service moving...
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Choosing Mover

Renting a moving truck is a big commitment. You're committing your time and money, and hedging the success of your move...
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One Way Truck Rentals

Life offers us many opportunities. We move through our lives, and often are lives force us to move–literally. We get accepted to...
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Moving Services

When planning a move, you have a choice between hiring a full service moving company and renting a self-service moving truck...
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Making The Most Of Your Moving Quotes

Not everyone will require the same type of moving services, and there are literally thousands of moving companies out there that are competing for your business. How can you make sense out of all of these moving companies, and most importantly, how do you know which moving company is the best for your situation? Here are some all to common moving scenarios and how they were handled.

The college move

The title of this one sounds like it could be some major Hollywood movie, but it is not, and it happens every single day. Here is one common scenario.

Jim needs to move from his college dorm to a Frat house that is just a few miles away. He does not have very much stuff in his dorm room, but there is no way that he would be able to fit all of his things in his car. He is going to need some help, and like most college kids, he is on a very tight budget. He is not even sure that he can afford a mover, but he has to do something quick or he will not be able to move into the Frat house.

Jim goes online and gets several moving quotes sent to his smart phone. The prices range from affordable to no way can he afford this. He does a little bit of research and finds out why every moving company has such a different price. They are all quoting him different sized rooms. He just needs a small moving truck. He is too busy with studying to move all of this stuff by himself.

Jim finally finds a moving company that is within his price range. They actually specialize in moving smaller one bedroom apartments. Problem solved. Jim gets to move into his new Frat house and enjoy the rest of his college years with a little more privacy.

Here is another moving scenario

Dan has a family of three. He has twin boys and a beautiful wife. They currently live in a four bedroom home, and they are upgrading to a larger home. Dan goes online and gets several moving quotes, and once again they greatly vary in cost. Dan scratches his head in wonder. What he does next makes the most sense. He picks up the phone and calls the three moving companies that peeked his interest.

He explains exactly what he needs and he finds out why the prices vary so much. Some moving companies include insurance in the cost, and others do not. Some of the moving companies do everything and others will still require that you do some of the work. Dan needs a full service moving company so he chooses to get a moving company that will do it all. They are the most expensive, but Dan can afford it, and his time is more valuable.

What can you learn from these two very different moving scenarios? Take a little bit of time to compare all of your moving quotes very closely.