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House Prices Keep Falling

House Prices Keep Falling

There are a few things that every person needs to survive. Besides the obvious items like food,water, and air, what are some of the other items that a person needs to survive? Everyone needs a roof over the head. For some it could be an apartment, and for others is could be a home.

In recent years, it has become harder and harder to purchase a home. Banks are not so eager to hand out home loans like they were just a few short years ago. If your credit is good though, then you only have one obstacle to face, and that is the down payment. There is some good news though. The cost of homes has fallen again. This is the sixth month in a row that the average price of a home in the United States has fallen. Many people see the lower prices of homes as a bad sign in the real estate market. These people are real estate investors who have purchased homes in the past and watched their value diminish over the last couple of years, but lower priced homes seem to give other industries a shot in the arm.

The lower price of homes has really helped the moving industry. Moving companies are seeing record numbers of people moving, and it is not just because the moving season is upon us. For the past several years moving companies have seen a rise in the amount of moves that they are doing in a year, and with this moving truck rentals are up as well. It may be more difficult to get financed for a home, but the lower prices are making it much more appealing to buy a house, and most of the times buying a house means that someone or even two different sets of people will have to move.

Extremely low mortgage rates are also getting more people interested in buying a home. Mortgage rates are currently the lowest that they have been in almost five years, and industry analysts are predicting that interest rates could get even lower.

Where will you find the biggest drop in home prices

There are some very popular cities out there where the cost of owning a home has dropped big time. The jewel of the south, Atlanta just so happens to be one of these cities. There are plenty of other great cities where prices have fallen as well. Chicago and Cleveland are also reporting very low numbers.

Why do the prices of homes continue to fall

The prices may be falling because of all the foreclosure sales. These sales are always very, very low, but they have to be factored into the total sales in an area. Their lower price can drastically reduce the average selling price of homes in an area where there have been a lot of foreclosures. Regardless of what the average prices may be, there has never been a greater time to buy a home and hire some movers to move away.