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If you are looking to rent a moving truck, are exploring your options or just want a place to do some research about the industry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed to be a one-stop resource for your truck rental needs.


Renting a Moving Vehicle is Convenient and Saves You Money

There are many valuable uses for renting a moving truck, the obvious one being that you are moving to a new home or apartment. But there are many other ways one can benefit from these types of services:

  • To move a child to college.
  • For transporting canoes/kayaks, mountain bikes, or all-terrain vehicles.
  • Temporary storage for furnishings while you complete a renovation project in your home.
  • Transporting new furniture or large appliances from the store to your home.
  • For moving office equipment for a small business.

You might find yourself in any one of these scenarios, or have your own unique need, but in each of these situations renting a moving truck will not only help you keep costs down, it will give you control over your possessions and will allow you more flexibility in scheduling the date of your move. You can pack and move on your own schedule, not the moving company’s.

And due to the increased demand for renting moving trucks, the industry has grown and become more consumer-friendly. Various sizes of trucks are available so you can choose exactly what you need, from a small moving van to a larger straight truck. Many companies will also offer you different self-service options, from letting you handle everything yourself, to the possibility of hiring labor to load your truck, as well as hiring a professional driver if you need a larger truck that you are not comfortable driving. Best of all, the increased competition means renting a moving truck is more economical than ever before.

Use Our Website to Learn About the Industry

Of course, hiring the right truck and services is vital to the success of your move. To help you with your search, we’ve collected valuable information on the different truck rental options available to you. If you browse through our website, you will find information on how to:

choose a moving truck rental company.
get the best price when renting a truck.
choose the right size truck or van for your needs.
discover valuable tips on planning your move.


We have also created our video which provides a quick visual tutorial about our website and the services we provide. We also invite you to look through our many blog posts under the Guide & Tips section. Many of these blogs are about moving in a specific geographic location, and you may find valuable and detailed information that is relevant to your move.

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Once you’ve researched the moving truck rental industry, and you feel comfortable with what you need, we invite you to use our free Truck Rental Quotes Tool.

Using this tool saves you time in tracking down different rental companies in your area that meet your requirements. Simply input your moving details into the required fields. Within hours you’ll receive a number of quotes from pre-qualified truck rental companies. We recommend contacting each company to compare their rates, services and availability for the dates you need. Once you’ve found what you need for the best price, you can rent your truck. This tool is free for you to use and you are under no obligation to use any of the companies you receive quotes from.

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Our hope is that will be a valuable source for finding and renting a moving truck. You are welcome to make use of all of our resources and start planning your move today.